Saniter Management and All Human Resources;

To make scientific, professional, good professional practices in order to protect food safety and public health by taking scientific, impartiality, reliability and confidentiality to the forefront. To develop and to improve customer demands, quality, time and price in the best way to meet, from human resources to equipment, equipment to choose the appropriate quality, quality and technology to use, Saniter policy.

Privacy & Neutrality

SANİTER, prioritizes impartiality and confidentiality in all its works.

All of our colleagues sign a Confidentiality and Impartiality Statement to ensure that they will act impartially in our customers' samples and inspection services; declares that it will take on the necessary responsibility and Saniter takes full responsibility.

Why Saniter

For için Product Safety and Hygiene Sanitation ve works;

Microbiological, Chemical / Physical and Genetic Analysis Hygiene-Sanitation Inspections In order to give trainings in the sector and laboratory, we established SANITER in 1994, inspired by the word leri SANITA Laboratuvar in Greek Health. Saniter has TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 and TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 accreditation certificates.

Our Aim

To analyze our analysis, surveillance and training services perfectly and to plan our future in a way that will provide superiority in the long term, not to compete with potential competitors, to add value to our country and our environment with our measurements, to apply national / international standard methods in experiments / surveillance services, and to verify the accuracy of our test results We are convinced that we will ensure both customer satisfaction and our own sustainability in the long term by fulfilling the requirements of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025, TS EN ISO / IEC 17020, standards.

Saniter, with 22 years of experience in the laboratory industry, food, cosmetic, medical fields, especially in many areas, serves. Our company aims to share its experience in this field with its customers and to establish a long-term solution partnership with them.

Our company, which is the first private food laboratory accredited from Turkak, continues to expand the scope of ISO 17025 Türkak in this field and serves its customers as neutral, independent and reliable accredited by many analyzes in food, cosmetic and medical fields.

Our customers who have high customer satisfaction with our fast return to the questions and requests of our customers will be pleased to answer all your questions and requests.

Not only with our analyzes; We also provide a solution-oriented service concept with the services we provide for the interpretation of the results of the analysis and the solution of the problems.